One of the most important elements to your home is your roof, so it’s a good idea to ensure it’s in great quality with inspections, but how often should you have your roof inspected? At TruGrit Roofing, we have helped many of our clients with their roofs, and we’d like to share a bit about what you need to know to keep your roof in it’s best condition.

Summer and Winter Impact

Both the Summer and Winter can be harsh on your roof, depending on your region. During the colder days of Winter, icy rain, snow, and wind can do quite a bit of damage to your roof over time. As for the summer, ultraviolet rays and excessive heat can cause the materials of your roof to break down slowly. Rainy seasons can also be damaging as the constant impact of water will slowly erode your roof’s materials as well.

Spring and Autumn Inspection Times

Because of the reasons listed above, the best times to have your roof inspected are during the Spring and Fall after harsh weather conditions have passed. Once the cold of winter has begun to disappear, and the weather starts to warm up a bit, you can have your roof inspected for damage from ice and snow. Once Autumn arrives and the temperature starts to cool, you can have it inspected again for degrading materials and other forms of wear and tear.

Other Times To Inspect Your Roof

It should go without saying that episodes of intense weather like harsh storms or constant rainfall should warrant an inspection. This is especially true if you’ve noticed unusual activity from your roof, like leaking. Even if nothing seems amiss, there’s the possibility that the damage isn’t yet visible, and tackling it as soon as possible is the best way to mitigate damages.

Contact Us for Roof Inspections and More

We understand the value of roof inspections at TruGrit Roofing, which is why you should contact us for more questions about your roof and setting up an inspection date. Regardless of the time or season, we believe in swift responses and providing you with the best quality service, especially in the event that work needs to be done to return your roof to top conditions.