Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning for the inside of your home, but what you might not have known is that it should apply to your roof as well. Winter is a hectic time with the holidays and snow and cold weather make yard almost impossible, but spring brings us the opportunity to get back outside. You might think that the cold and weather only affects you, but it can also be incredibly rough on your roof. Without proper maintenance in the spring, your roof might not last as long as you would hope and then rises your chances of needing to replace it. Trust us when we say that’s the last thing you want to be dealing with during the winter. That’s why we at TruGrit Roofing are here to give you some important tips for cleaning your roof in the spring. Based in Orlando, we’re a full-service roofing and general construction firm that eagerly serves all of Florida as well as parts of North and South Carolina.


Roof Clean Up Tips

  • Trim Your Trees
    • Tree branches that hang over top of your roof can rub up against your shingles and potentially scrape them off during strong winds. Large branches can also break off and potentially cause even more damage if they crash through your roof. In order to prevent either situation, you should trim all the trees that could pose a threat near your home or hire a professional to do so. 
  • Clean Junk Off Your Roof
    • You might think that a loose leaf or two on your roof is not a big deal, but they can build up as they get stuck in crevices and the buildup can cause a whole lot of issues. To be safe you should clear any objects off your roof that shouldn’t be there, just to be safe.
  • Check for Discoloring
    • While shingles may change color naturally due to the sun and age, any unusual discoloring should be checked out. Strange discoloration can mean mold, algae, or fungus which if left unchecked can eat through your roof and cause leaks. To prevent this you’ll want to scrub any discolored areas with either bleach or a copper sulfate solution.
  • Inspect for Damage
    • A broken gutter, missing shingles, or a chimney with loose bricks should all either be replaced or repaired. A broken gutter will lead to more clutter getting stuck on your roof, missing shingles can lead to more shingles falling off as well as leaks, and a chimney with loose bricks could be a hazard to anyone or anything on the ground. The last thing you need is a lawsuit caused by a falling brick. Making sure you do a thorough inspection of your roof can prevent all these problems from escalating. 


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