Are you worried that you may be overdue for a new roof? There are many signs out there that can determine whether or not you may need roof repairs. The team at TruGrit Roofing is here to inform you of the signs that indicate that you need a new roof. 

What Are The Signs?

As a homeowner, all maintenance costs are your responsibility. The roof is a significant feature of your home that may require replacement. This can be costly, so it is essential to understand how to determine if you need a new roof or if minor repairs will suffice.

  1. Bald spots where granules are missing
  2. The roof is 20 years old or more – the average roof last 18 years in Oklahoma
  3. Shingles buckling and curling
  4. Dark streaks and moss
  5. Neighbors are getting new roofs
  6. Cracked or missing shingles
  7. Chimney flashing
  8. Daylight showing through roof boards
  9. Shingle granules in gutters
  10. Water damage or leaking areas
  11. Recent storms in your area

It is important to know the materials used for replacement roofs, and roof repairs affect how long those roofs normally last.

Get Your Roof Repaired With Us!

Did you know that insurance companies will pay for a new roof if our team can justify that 25 % or more needs to be replaced, due to damage from hail, wind, or an Act of God? Remember that all insurance companies guidelines and specification on damage are different. Using a TruGrit insurance specialist estimator will be able to go over any and all paperwork and answer your questions. Your homeowner’s insurance will not cover normal wear and tear most often due to age or woodwork, which is also considered as normal wear and tear.

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